100thousand poets for change 2012 in Bucharest

September, 29th , 2012 , Romania, a new event in 100thousand poets for change campaign

Poetry: Recasting Power”, new and established Romanian poets on power at Club Energiea in Bucharest:

17.00 – Photo exhibition by Alex Conu on a project that involved poetry and children with autism spectrum disorders by ATCA 25 min (ro)
17.30- video poetry Eliza Nicolaina 5 min (ro)
17.35- Livia Stefan, “Re:volver” reading (ro)
17.45- Vlad Tausance – “at my own table” reading (ro)
17.55- Cristi Cotarcea reading: “Getting Off the World” (ro) (eng)
18.05- Peter Sregher: slam power (ro) (eng)
18.15- Iulia Militaru and Anca Bucur video-poetry interaction (ro)
18.25- Adi Dinis “Odious Poems of Love” reading (ro)
18.35- Radu Nitescu “Gringo” reading (ro) (eng)
18.45- Silvia Gradinaru “L’ enfant terrible” reading (ro) (fra)
18.55- Final masks on power moment (ro) (eng) “The Mask of Authority” a letter to Pier Paolo Pasolini

The event will be broadcasted live at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/fdl-ro-live

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